Treasuring Truth

This month’s focus remains on the 9th Commandment—No False Witness—and my study of Rick Shepherd’s The Ten Commandments:  The Heart of God for Every Person and Every Relationship provides helpful perspective.

In our world, unfortunately, honesty is more remarkable than lies.  God devotes two of His Ten Commandments to the topic of honesty.  He calls us to be honest in our actions: “You shall not steal.”  He also commands us to be honest in our words: “You shall not give false testimony.”

As Bill Hybels notes in The Laws that Liberate, “False advertising, emotional hype, exaggerated promises, untrue claims, and countless other dishonest practices lead to stealing and distrust between people.  Deception is often just a sophisticated way of stealing people’s money and attaining their property.  God forbids it.”

Hybels goes on to point out that one of the best ways to serve people in your life is to live with honesty in your words and actions.

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