The Secret of Contentment

As we move into the tenth month of the year, my focus turns to the Tenth Commandment—“You shall not covet.”  Covetousness is countercultural, especially in the United States of America.  We are constantly bombarded by advertisements that tell us we are incomplete or unfulfilled unless we have such and such product.

And we “need” bigger houses, better cars, and more stuff.  We even need storage rooms to hold all the stuff that we’ll use some day.

This past week, I made my first trip to South Africa, serving as the opening keynote speaker for Work 2.0 Africa’s Conference in Johannesburg.    While there, I went on Moafrika’s Soweto & Apartheid Museum Tour.  The pictures above were taken in the South West Township (or “Soweto”) of Johannesburg.  Finding contentment in that context seems difficult from my wealthy American context.

On the flight home, I read William Barcley’s The Secret of Contentment. 

Click here to learn from Barcley.