Brady’s Family Life

While in graduate school at Texas A&M University, I attended Central Baptist Church and became active in their singles department. Jennifer Smith, Assistant Volleyball Coach at Texas A&M, also attended the singles department.

On July 4, 1996, I flew Jennifer to the Statue of Liberty in New York, where I proposed. (I figured if she turned me down, I was holding her plane ticket home!) We were married on January 25, 1997, in her home town of Lamesa, Texas (population 10,000).

18th Anniversary

Growing up, Jennifer always insisted that she’d never live in Houston nor Coach volleyball at a Junior College. In 1997, she moved to Houston and landed the Head Coaching job at Galveston College! She led the school to a 45-6 record, finishing ranked #12 in the nation. Her years working with Laurie & John Corbelli at Texas A&M really paid off. The following season, her team went 37-18, finishing second in conference.

Jen - Olympian

Jennifer decided to leave her coaching job and stay at home when Katy was born in 2000.  She currently serves as President of the North Pointe PTA (Tanner’s Elementary School).

Brady & Jen (10-2015)

Katy Pyle

Katy is currently a 11th Grader at Clear Brook High School.  Katy is very active with her school band, serving as a Section Leader for Clarinet.  She also runs track in addition to a challenging course load.  In May 2016, she started driving “Genie” (her Denim Blue 2013 Chevy Spark) —

Katy's Birthday      Genie

Katy - Summer 2016

Cody Allen Pyle

Cody Allen (who shares my middle name, which is also my dad’s middle name, and my grandfather’s first name) was born in 2002. Cody loves anything with sports.  His favorite sport is whatever is in season–from football to basketball or baseball.  He is an 8th grader at Clear Lake Intermediate —

Cody        Cody - 14 B-Day


Tanner Wayne Pyle

Tanner Wayne (whose middle name is the first name of Jennifer’s father and grandfather) was born in 2006. Tanner loves any sport–just like his big brother–and started playing football this year —

Tanner B-Day 2016

In January of 2016, we celebrated Tanner’s baptism with family (from L-R):  My brother Blake, his wife Kristen, their daughter Raegan, Katy, me & Tanner, Cody, Jennifer, and my parents (Judy & Robert Pyle):

Tanner's Baptism (1-24-2016)

Some Blasts from the Past


Christmas Card 2014 (from Summer Trip to Mesa Verde in Colorado)


From Shuttlebration at the Johnson Space Center (Summer 2011)

OLM Medal with Family

NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal (October 2012)

Pictured (L-R):  Wayne Smith (father-in-law), Kim Smith (sister-in-law), Connie Smith (mother-in-law), Cody (10), Jennifer, Tanner (6), Brady, Katy (12), Judy Pyle (mom), Robert Pyle (dad), and Mike Coats (former JSC Center Director)

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