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Proverbs on Planning the Future

Planning for the future is a major industry.  Hundreds of billions of dollars ride on the forecasts of economists, investment advisors, and analysts of all kinds.  Even the sports world has a variety of new roles for those specializing in predictive analytics.  It’s also a big deal for us at NASA too.  In fact, a few years ago, I took lessons learned from work and applied them to individuals in my post, “Strategic Planning for You.”

King Solomon—in the book of Proverbs—focuses heavily on the here and now but also keeps an eye on the future.  Many of his proverbs, in fact, offer wisdom on how to make plans.

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Humility by Pat Williams

This month’s focus on humility culminates in a book that was on my Amazon Wish List for a few years, Humility: The Secret Ingredient of Success by Pat Williams & Jim Denney.  Hall of Fame Baseball Pitcher Ferguson Jenkins pointed out that “humility has a new publicist” in his foreward to the book.

Jenkins was invited to write the foreward since Pat Williams was one of his catchers in the Minor Leagues.  Jenkins goes on to point out, “A humble attitude is, in fact, your most important business asset. And genuine humility is not just a personality trait some people are born with. It’s a learnable skill.”

Then, he explained, “My father, Ferguson H. Jenkins, Sr., knew I had my sights set on a baseball career, and he told me, ‘Once you turn pro, keep your ego in check. Humility is a part of maturity. Learning to play the game and becoming a winning pitcher — that’s only the beginning. To be a real winner, you have to stay humble.’  Humility is the ability to keep your accomplishments in perspective, so that you treat everybody with kindness and respect, from coaches to teammates to fans.”

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