Staying Open to the Possibilities

This week, I celebrated another birthday—my fifth since I started this blog after the Government Shutdown of 2013 (2016 Post; 2014 Post; 2013 Post).

In practically every speech I deliver to leaders, my final tip is to make a plan…but stay open to the possibilities.  From graduate school until I first joined NASA’s Johnson Space Center, my dream job was to one day become the HR Director.  In fact, for more than 15 years, my Individual Development Plan listed HR Director as my target position.  Then in 2012, I recognized that I needed to heed my own advice and “stay open to the possibilities.”

I began to explore other potential career options, even serving as a front-line leader in our Engineering Directorate and following my passion to start this blog about leadership.

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What We Can Learn from the 2017 Astros?

Just 3 months ago, Hurricane Harvey became the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States in 12 years.  Over 4 days, many areas received 40 or more inches of rain, as the system stalled over eastern Texas, including Houston.  With peak accumulations totaling over 5 feet, more than 30,000 people were displaced; and hundreds of thousands of homes were flooded.

The excitement the Houston Astros brought to the town was a great positive, emotional lift for the community.  The players—moved by the destruction in Houston and later in some of the players’ home country of Puerto Rico—were motivated to dig a little deeper during the 2017 post-season.

What a dramatic post-season it was with the Astros defeating the Red Sox in 6 games, the Yankees in a thrilling 7 games, and in one of the class World Series of all time, defeating the best team in baseball—the Los Angeles Dodgers—playing the first Game 7 of a World Series ever in Dodger Stadium.

Yesterday, I took 6 boys—who were excused from school—to join at least half a million other Astro fans downtown for the World Series parade—the first-ever in Houston, Texas!  What an exciting day, and what a way to start the month of November.

After the playoffs, I considered a few key lessons we can glean from the 2017 Astros.

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