The Secret to a Lasting Calm

My last post was entitled “Never Let Goods Turn into Gods.”

The best way to accomplish that is to find what Dr. Richard Swenson calls “the secret to a lasting calm.”  His book entitled Contentment—much like his book Margincontains great wisdom and insight.

I encourage you to explore Dr. Swenson’s perspective of Contentment, as you shoot for the stars.

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Never Let Goods Turn into Gods

This month’s focus remains on the 10th Commandment—No Coveting—and my study of Rick Shepherd’s The Ten Commandments:  The Heart of God for Every Person and Every Relationship provides helpful perspective.

Cultures have changed, styles have changed, ways of work and warfare have changed, but the heart of man has not changed in the least.

No society in the history of civilization has faced the degree of temptation that this generation does when it comes to turning goods into gods.  From billboards to TV commercials to Internet pop-up ads to radio plugs, it never seems to end.

Godly contentment is rare today.  Liberation from material longing is a huge spiritual step forward.

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