Are Your Pants on Fire?

As a kid, do you remember saying, “Liar, liar, pants on fire”?  Or am I recalling the rhetoric from the last Presidential election campaign?  I thought this picture from the Gospel Tract Society captures the sentiment of the 9th Commandment well.

As Leadership Ethics Online points out, the American people have had to endure regular news of scandals in business and government, all based on misconduct covered over by lies.  In fact, many Americans are so accustomed to lying leaders, they are cynical.  Lying has become the rule instead of the exception.

Leadership Ethics Online goes on to note that a series of U.S. Presidents have engaged in conduct some charged was impeachable:  Nixon (Watergate), Reagan (Iran-Contra), Clinton (lying under oath), and G.W. Bush (false information to Congress regarding weapons of mass destruction).  Clinton was impeached, and all of the others either resigned before impeachment was completed, or the impeachment proceedings never passed Congress.  In either case, their moral authority was eroded.

Out of This World Leaders must choose a different path.  Maintaining our credibility calls for special character.  We can learn a lot from Richard Wolfe’s book on Character of Christian Leadership.

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The Bible on Stealing

This month’s focus remains on the 8th Commandment—No Stealing—and my study of Rick Shepherd’s The Ten Commandments:  The Heart of God for Every Person and Every Relationship provides helpful perspective.

Theft is an ever-present reality in our world, running the gamut from stealing time from an employer to stealing vast sums through robbery or embezzlement.

Shepherd points out that because everything belongs to God, any act of theft is not only stealing from another person, it is ultimately stealing from God Himself.  When we realize that everything belongs to Him, we are free to use what He gives us as He directs; we’re free to give to others as He wishes, and we’re cautious about ever misusing what He has entrusted to us.  When we have this realization in mind, we are not inclined to take anything from someone else.

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