Leaders: Lighten Your Load

After Saul murdered the Priests of God, The Message says in 1 Samuel 22:1-2, “So David got away and escaped to the Cave of Adullam. When his brothers and others associated with his family heard where he was, they came down and joined him. Not only that, but all who were down on their luck came around—losers and vagrants and misfits of all sorts. David became their leader. There were about four hundred in all.”

Effective leaders use all their strength by recognizing, developing, and utilizing the people around them.  They know how to develop healthy alliances (this week’s theme from the NIV Leadership Bible) with both those on their own team and those on other teams.

While fleeing from Saul, David certainly demonstrated that ability.  Two miles from the city of Gath, there is a honeycomb of caves.  One cave stood near the city of Adullam, and David found refuge there.  While he and his family were hiding, David attracted others who were experiencing hardship.  In fact, 400 men eventually allied themselves with David.  The Bible tells us that he became their leader.

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Building an Out of This World Leadership Team

This week’s NIV Leadership Bible focus is on healthy alliances.  In my October 2 blog post (during the Federal Government shutdown), I spoke about building coalitions and “commons creating”.  For more about those, click here.

For a leader, healthy alliances are important for a variety of different circumstances…but it starts with your leadership team.  In their 2010 book Connecting Top Managers, Jim Taylor and Lisa Haneberg note that how leaders work together is as important as how well they lead their individual departments.

Taylor and Haneberg believe in the “5/95 Rule”, where 5% of your time—approximately 100 hours per year you spend together with your leadership team—impacts 95% of the success of several organizational systems.  If you can optimize that 5%, you will see positive returns in organization culture, employee engagement and retention, productivity and results, and organizational agility.

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