Jesus on Leadership

In Luke 14:11, Jesus said, “Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”  He taught and embodied leadership as service.  If we take a high-level look at Jesus’ life, we see that everything He did was to serve not His own will but the will of His Father.

Gene Wilkes provides us with these seven principles to lead as Jesus led:

  1. Jesus humbled Himself and allowed God to exalt Him.
  2. Jesus followed His Father’s will rather than sought a position.
  3. Jesus defined greatness as being a servant and being first as becoming a slave.
  4. Jesus risked serving others because He trusted that He was God’s Son.
  5. Jesus left His place at the head table to serve the needs of others.
  6. Jesus shared responsibility and authority with those He called to lead.
  7. Jesus built a team to carry out a worldwide vision.

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The Leadership Style of Jesus

Today, our Pastor (Dr. Steve Laufer) asked, “During this Christmas season, are you experiencing the Christ of Christmas in the things that give you the greatest joy in this life?  Is finding joy in Christ Himself—through a personal relationship with Him—one of your most joyful experiences?”

This month, I’m focused on the Christ of Christmas.  Jesus the Messiah created a community of people who were focused on his kingdom vision, and by leading, teaching, motivating, and inspiring those people, He changed the world.

Michael Youssef, who has executive experience in worldwide ministries, examined the leadership Jesus modeled and suggests eighteen principles for leaders like you and me.

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