Need a Speaker or Coach?


As an experienced leader and engaging speaker, I offer workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking, using a blend of John Maxwell’s proven leadership methods along with my own 20-plus years of experienced in leading, coaching, and observing rocket scientists, astronauts, and non-profit executives.

I am passionate about leadership as a student, coach, practitioner, and teacher. My father and my grandfather taught me the values of: Excellence (Do your best); Integrity (Do what you say); and Improvement (Get better over time). Both effectively balanced their work, family, and church responsibilities. Today, as a husband, father of three, leader at work, and lay leader at church, I strive to do the same. With more than 20 years of management and organization consulting experience in Human Resources, I’ve worked with leaders to solve a variety of people and organizational challenges. During that time, I’ve taught in a variety of forums—from small book club discussion groups to large workshops.

Past Speaking engagements include:

  • University Seminary Students and Athletes
  • Workshops for the Christian Leadership Alliance Conference in Dallas, Texas (2015 & 2016)
  • Workshops for CareNet Conference in San Diego (2015) & Orlando (2016)

Additionally, I have provided conference keynotes and workshops across the Country.

For leaders needing Executive Coaching, I am a Certified Leadership & Talent Management Coach, who has provided executive coaching to many workplace and church professionals.  I am also certified with the John Maxwell Team.

I started Out of This World Leadership to fulfill my personal mission – “to improve leadership wherever I go.” I strive to “Serve Leaders who Shoot for the Stars” with a philosophy, style, and practice of servant leadership.  Let me help you on your journey as you “shoot for the stars”…

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I look forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming a successful leader.