How are your “Leading Change” skills?

One of the core qualifications for a government executive is “Leading Change”, which is defined as the ability to bring about strategic change (both within and outside the organization) to meet organizational goals.  Six years ago, I completed my second year as a front-line supervisor in our Human Resources organization.  I previously served a year as supervisor for HR Reps—an area where I was grown and raised for ten years.  But my second year was different.  There, I served as a supervisor for HR Development—leading and guiding an organization of training and organization development specialists.

Upon completion of that year, I received some good feedback from the team.

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On Work-Life Fit: Dr. Cloud’s “One-Life Solution”

One-Life Solution Book

People used to have the structure of “work hours” that helped them know when work began and when it ended.  During the “good old days”, home was protected from work.  In the last two decades, however, the line between being available and unavailable blurred.

In his book, The One-Life Solution (2008), we join Dr. Henry Cloud as he counsels us to reclaim our personal lives while achieving greater professional success.

Continuing with ideas from his million-seller Boundaries, Cloud provides strategies to achieve success in 3 critical areas:

  • Be emotionally healthy
  • Be relationally healthy
  • Be performance healthy (fulfillment from your talents and passions)

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