2018: Practicing the Beatitudes

Each year for my blog, I’ve used the following frameworks for my annual Bible Study:

This year, I’m walking through the Beatitudes from Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, trying to practice them as I go.  I’ll be using these three different Bible Studies as a guide for the journey throughout the year:

  • The Beatitudes by John Stott
  • Set Apart by Jennifer Kennedy Dean
  • The Beatitudes: The Only Way to Happiness by John MacArthur

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Government Shutdown Revisited…

Today marked the third day of the 2018 Government Shutdown and the first day many NASA and Federal Employees were furloughed.

I started this blog during the Government Shutdown of 2013–when I had some extra time on my hands!  One of my first posts focused on the important and essential leadership skills of building coalitions.

I think it’s fitting today to re-post those thoughts.  May they serve you well, as you shoot for the stars!

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